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Spyware in a Much Connected World

SecureAPlus April 06, 2017 adware, anti-malware, spyware, malware, anti-spyware

Spyware was not always used for nefarious purposes. In fact spyware was originally used as tracking software that was intended for legitimate use such as for employee productivity monitoring (under legal circumstances) and even parental control.

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Everything You Need to Know about Today’s Malware Removal Programs

SecureAPlus March 30, 2017 anti-malware, malware

Malware removal tools are a dime a dozen these days. It goes to show how big of a problem malware is. But what is the difference between a malware removal tool & anti-malware software?

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Winning the War against Malware with Modern Antivirus Software

John Paul Tunay September 21, 2016 virus, enterprise, anti-malware, anti-virus, malware

If you’ve been watching the news on IT security, the recent declaration of the United Nations on cyber being the newest field of war might have been the biggest yet expected development yet.

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Total Anti Virus Protection Provided by SecureAPlus – For Free

John Paul Tunay September 14, 2016 free, virus, anti-malware, free anti-virus, 24/7 protection, anti-virus, malware

If you are always having trouble with viruses, malware, and all other kinds of pesky malicious programs that threaten the safety of your computer and all of your gadgets, then what you need is a security upgrade. Fortunately, there is an anti virus protection solution that not only goes above and beyond traditional Windows PC protection, it’s also free thanks to its Freemium model.

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Antivirus Unable to Detect a Threat? Here's a Possible Explanation

John Paul Tunay August 03, 2016 virus, anti-malware, free anti-virus, anti-virus, malware

Your computer is prone to a lot of threats – from viruses, malware, spyware, and a lot of other malicious programs that can cause harm. It is for this reason that we rely on various anti virus software designed to keep your computer safe.

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What You Need to Know About Ransomware – The Biggest Threat of 2016

Cabrina Yeo July 26, 2016 enterprise, endpoint security, ransomware, malware

It’s a typical day and you’ve just checked your email. You see one from a familiar source with a zipped attachment and you promptly download it. You unzipped the file and nothing happens so you move on to the next email and continue on with your mundane routine of opening emails while wondering what exactly happened.

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The Dangers of Malware and How to Avoid Them

John Paul Tunay July 19, 2016 anti-malware, malware

Sometimes, when you use your computer, you face dangers that you do not know. One of these dangers is malware. But what is it, precisely, and how can it possibly harm your computer?

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The Most Common Types of Malware

John Paul Tunay July 12, 2016 virus, trojan, adware, rootkit, worm, ransomware, spyware, malware

Malicious software or malware are generally defined as any software designed to gain access to or damage a computer. This usually happens without the knowledge of the computer user. Unless you are a security expert that’s trying to analyze them, the presence of malware on your computer system is most likely bad news.

Malware comes in numerous types and depending on whom you ask, can be classified into different ways. The most common is categorizing them according to their method of attacking your computer system, which is how we will be approaching it.

Do note that some malware types …

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