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SecureAPlus Now Localized in Other Languages

With the latest version update, SecureAPlus introduces Indonesian, Japanese and Polish language support to address its growing yet diverse user base.

12 May 2016, SingaporeSecureAge Technology has released an update to SecureAPlus, a PC security solution that combines multiple cloud anti-viruses with Universal AV and its powerful Application Whitelisting, to add support for multiple languages.

SecureAPlus has been available at no cost to the public through its Freemium model since August 2013. Since then, it has been consistently improving and adding better security features to protect PCs against viruses and malware. The release of the latest version, SecureAPlus 4.2.2, marks the first time the application whitelisting software will be available in any language other than English.

A month after releasing the revamped user interface (UI), SecureAPlus has enjoyed a surge in the number of new users daily. This has also garnered significant interest from segments of users who do not have English as their primary language.

According to Cabrina Yeo, Marketing Executive of SecureAge Technology, “we have received numerous requests to localize SecureAPlus into more languages, so we took the recently concluded Beta as an opportunity to reach out to our most dedicated users to help with translation.”

With the help of the growing SecureAPlus community, the translation of the application and its online pages into various major languages is ongoing. While different languages will be added over time, customer support of SecureAge Technology remains in English. This is something the company is setting its sights on improving once the user base grows further.

The latest version of SecureAPlus is now fully available in Indonesian, Japanese, and Polish. It is also partially available in French and German with more languages to be added in the future.

About SecureAPlus

SecureAPlus is a free security software developed by SecureAge Technology that protects PCs from malware & viruses with its powerful but easy to use Application Whitelisting, and reliable detection rates of more than 10 cloud Anti-Virus engines with Universal AV. It leverages the power of the cloud allowing for low resources used and compatibility with other installed anti-virus and anti-malware applications, making it the perfect security upgrade for any Windows PC.

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