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Total Anti Virus Protection Provided by SecureAPlus – For Free

John Paul Tunay September 14, 2016 free, virus, anti-malware, free anti-virus, 24/7 protection, anti-virus, malware

If you are always having trouble with viruses, malware, and all other kinds of pesky malicious programs that threaten the safety of your computer and all of your gadgets, then what you need is a security upgrade. Fortunately, there is an anti virus protection solution that not only goes above and beyond traditional Windows PC protection, it’s also free thanks to its Freemium model.

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Making Antiviruses Play Well Together for Free

John Paul Tunay July 05, 2016 free, compatibility, anti-virus

Worrying about viruses trying to get into our devices has become a daily habit for some people that are sensitive on security. That’s why choosing a suitable anti virus software may sound complicated to many.

There are plenty of options available from the Internet. You can find anti virus software solutions that go for sale at fixed prices, one’s that require an annual subscription, or those that are free. Further complicating things are features that are mutually exclusive to one another.

Given the rampant proliferation of virus and malware, experts are coming into terms …

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SecureAPlus Re-Launches with New User-Friendly Interface & Limited Exclusive License for First-Time Users

SecureAPlus relaunches new user interface to improve its security value proposition with an extended free license for new users during its launch month.

15 March 2016, SingaporeSecureAge Technology, a data protection solutions provider, today announced the re-launch of its application whitelisting and anti-virus software, SecureAPlus, with a modern and user-friendly interface, improved performance, and an exclusive 15-month license for new users who install it during the first month.

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