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Getting 24/7 PC Protection against Virus & Malware with SecureAPlus

John Paul Tunay August 31, 2016 anti-malware, free anti-virus, 24/7 protection, anti-virus

Getting protected for 24 hours of the day and all 7 days of the week against viruses and malware is the key to having a safe and productive Windows PC. However, keeping up with the hundreds and thousands of threats trying to invade your PC is a daunting task for anybody. Even the top free antivirus protection vendors today are barely fast enough to cover the most easily identifiable fresh malware.

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The Modern Difference between Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus

John Paul Tunay August 24, 2016 anti-malware, free anti-virus, anti-virus

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware. Both of these terms are familiar to all computer users by now. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a mobile or desktop, Windows or Mac, these pieces of software has somehow been a fixture to our everyday computing.

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Free Next Generation Endpoint Security with SecureAPlus

Viruses, spyware, and malware are among the many different threats enterprises have to deal with whenever we computers are involved. From the suspicious emails that employees get from their inbox to the unusual links that may appear whenever a web browser and Internet connection is involved; there is always the looming threat of being attacked by advanced malware.

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3 Reasons Application Whitelisting is Essential for Enterprise IT

The practice of Application Whitelisting (AWL) has been used in the cyber security world for a while now. It’s the opposite of blacklisting which most people are familiar with since it’s the technique used by almost (if not all) antivirus products available in the market.

To put it simply, antiviruses check files against every known virus or malware. If it finds a match in its threat database or blacklist, it will be flagged as a virus and the appropriate steps are done to minimize or hopefully prevent any damage at all. This is usually achieved by either deleting the infected file or …

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Antivirus Unable to Detect a Threat? Here's a Possible Explanation

John Paul Tunay August 03, 2016 virus, anti-malware, free anti-virus, anti-virus, malware

Your computer is prone to a lot of threats – from viruses, malware, spyware, and a lot of other malicious programs that can cause harm. It is for this reason that we rely on various anti virus software designed to keep your computer safe.

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